Dum AA Dum

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開発者 Himanshu Khona

At Dum-a-Dum, We are passionate about serving the best of North Indian Frontier cuisine. We believe that good food is good mood, and the mouthfuls to get there should be simple, rightly spiced, and delectable.

To get it right, every time, we focus all our attention on a carefully selected limited menu. And we take the extra effort to source the finest and freshest ingredients, make our own sauces, pastes and marinades; keep our kebabs marinated overnight to make it real succulent, DUM cook Lucknowi Biryanis with the finest aromatic basmati rice and juiciest meat (or fresh vegetables) in layers, make fresh paneer at our in-house dairy and do a lot of other little things that matter to cook food the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

We use Cholesterol-free oil and cook without harmful colors and preservatives.

We promise you that with all the passion and effort that we put into our food, it would be miles ahead of the typical restaurant and fast-food fare.

Give us a try and Bring Home the Best of North Indian cuisine